Fade to Grey

The summer party where passion vanished

By Martin Eckhoff Andresen, Lasse Lundin, Caroline Myhrvold and Ane Marie Anderson

Welcome to the traditional summer party of Egelund Publishing House! This party is a must for everyone in the cultural elite, a place to be, to see and be seen, and you are invited! Here, the winner of the Egelund Culture Award will be announced, the big books and projects of next year will be discussed, and according to rumor, the famous artist Aurvik will unveil his or her newest work. Egelund’s summer party is a place where important people toast with champagne, eat canapés and converse, but where emotion and passion roam below the surface.

Fade to Grey is a larp about important people, their petty conflicts and status hierarchies, and who’s the most interesting. More importantly, Fade to Grey revolves around what happens when these people stop caring about their conflicts, and stop feeling emotions. During the course of the game, all the characters present will gradually turn into grey, emotionless and superficial people, unable to attach emotionally to what is going on. Fade to Grey is a larp exploring superficiality.

This game is inspired by the movie The bothersome man, in which the main character suddenly finds himself in a world where everything is perfect and everyone is content – but nobody really cares about anything beyond interior design and façade.


Players: 15 – 30
Total time: 4 hours
Workshop time: 120 minutes
Playing time: 90 minutes
Debrief time: 30 minutes
Characters: Pre-written and expanded in the workshop
Playing style: Comic realism
Venue: Garden or party location

Downloadable material

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