A larp by Hans Olai Martinsen and Anne Marie Stamnestrø
Larpscript by Anne Marie Stamnestrø

Esteemed Sir/Madam!

Please accept this invitation to an entertaining evening of card games in one of Arthur Harringdon’s residences. There will be simple refreshments available, and your presence would be highly appreciated.

The year is 1925. Booze and gambling are prohibited, and you’ve just been invited to an evening of both...in an organized, respectable fashion of course, with people of your own class. Invitations to Mr Harringdon’s poker nights are in high demand among the rich and fashionable, and it’s all just a bit of fun! What’s the worst that could happen?

Endgame is a 1920s murder mystery larp with slightly Lovecraftian undertones. We’re aiming for fun, mystery solving, 20s pastiche and maybe a few small scares.


Genre: Murder mystery
Total time use: 5-8 hours (or 4-7 depending on advance preparations and casting)
Number of players: 10
Number of organizers: 1-2
Workload: Medium
Type of location: 1-3 rooms of neutral décor or that can be made to look 1920s.
Playing style: Realistic/slightly exaggerated, but not veering into parody

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  1. We ran this for the second time last night. Our first run went fine; it was pretty much by the book, with a bunch of experienced larpers who took the game mostly seriously.

    This run we had a lot of first time larpers and also first time roleplayers, which made things a little more interesting - this group of players took more risks, roleplay wise, than the previous group, which was very fun to watch. (The Inspector in particular had a very good time, although he wasn't paying enough attention to what was in his hands and ended up killing himself with his own (poisoned) drink.) I also wrote four additional characters, as we had more interested players than roles: a reporter for the society pages, a disgruntled former employee of Mr Cox, and a young married couple who were huge fans of mysteries in general and Ms Bloom's work in particular.

    Both runs we had a full bar including period cocktails and punches, and the larps were held houses appropriate to the time period: one was a beautifully restored French Norman-style house from 1924 in Orange, California; the second was a house built in 1904, as a brothel, in the then-independent city of Venice Beach - a town known for wild times and considerable quantities of illegal gambling and freshly imported liquor.

    We had an excellent time running the larp, and our participants had a great deal of fun. Kudos!

    -Kirsten Hageleit (and Aaron Vanek)

  2. Ran this last night. Everything went splendidly! We did this in our living room and everyone was having a great time. We served a full dinner along with it. The players found the blowdart gun and the poison very quickly and immediately assumed they were used together. This led to some confusion involving two murderers. Otherwise it was wonderful. Everyone had a great time and the murderer was successfully accused!