The Larp Factory Book Project was a series of workshops on how to document games and methods used in live role-playing (larp) that eventually resulted in a book with larpscripts from 23 Norwegian larps played in the Larp Factories of Oslo and Trondheim. The project also resulted in this website with videos of all the workshop methods and drama enhancing techniques used in the larps, in addition to the game material needed.

It has been a long process, spanning more than a year in time, involving more than 70 people in doing different smaller and larger tasks to give you this product. If you want to read more about the process, see the posts under News.

About larp and the Larp Factory

Larp is a type of interactive drama where all the participants play predetermined characters and improvise within a story and a framework set by the larpwrights.

Until recently most larps have been played only once and the material has to a limited degree been documented. There is a growing trend in the Nordic countries for more documentation of larps. Part of this trend is to write down manuscripts, so that the larps are rerunnable. These manuscripts contain the characters, the framework, drama enhancing techniques and workshop methods for preparing the players for improvising their story.

The Laivfabrikken collectives in Oslo and Trondheim produced 28 larps between 2009 and 2012. (http://laivfabrikken.no) Of these there is only one that had been worked into a published manuscript. This larp, Screwing the Crew, was written in 2010 and has since been played in Västerås, Malmø, Helsinki (three times), Ramallah and New York without the original larpwrights present. This is an example of how games that have been documented in manuscript form, gets played both in the Nordic countries and internationally. So there is obviously a market, and through this project we want to spread more of the Laivfabrikken games to a larger audience.


In addition to our organizational sponsors listed at right, we'd like to send a bit thank you to all the people who contributed to our IndieGoGo campaign and made this project possible. They are:

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