The Baader-Meinhof Experiment

A larp by Marcus Irgens, Erlend Eidsem Hansen, Even Tømte
Larpscript by Marcus Irgens & Erlend Eidsem Hansen

Two rooms, next door: the authorities and the activists. One wall divides them – One focus tears them apart, ideology. One group of participants plays the police, the surveillance department and the paramilitary, the other group plays activists, communists and anarchists. An interactive drama about the extreme left of Swedish activists in the 1970s, the officers that monitor them, and the terrorists who try to recruit them.

Besides being an exciting thriller this event will hopefully also reveal parallels between our time and our recent past:
  • Where are the borders between “activist” and “extremist”? What draws people to cross that line?
  • Where is the line between abuse of power and keeping control over the situation for police and authorities?
  • Who is a terrorist, who is not? When is it terrorism?


Players: 12-17
Organizers: 2-4
Time: 5 hours (short version) or 8 hours (long version)
Genre: Political thriller
Playing style: 1970s realism
Storyteller style: Active
Work load: Heavy
Location: A venue that simulates two conjoined apartments with at least one bathroom. Two small apartments on the same hallway works, and so does a black box stage.

Downloadable material

Update: Unfortunately the designers were never able to finish the downloadable material for this larp. This is sadly not available. The larpscript is in the book and PDF, though, if you would like to make your own version of the larp.
  • Cheat sheet
  • Characters
  • List of prioritized characters
  • Faction descriptions
  • RAF manifesto
  • Specialist cheat sheets
  • Printed plans


  1. When will this downloadable material be available?

    1. Seconded! Very interested in running this.

  2. Still interested in the downloadable contents! :) I would be grateful.