Report from the second workshop

On the 8th and 9th of June we conducted our second writing workshop. With even more people and bigger localities, the workshop again was a success. The localities allowed us to split up when needed, and work together when needed, and it was both fun and educating.

We got a lot of work done during the two days.  Hug Street and A Pair of Tarts were finished and ready for editing, and we are happy to see that the game The Hirelings went from 0 to almost ready, after Ole Peder and HÃ¥ken got a brilliant idea in how to adapt their original game to a format closer to freeform. Fade to Gray is also close to being finished, and so is What Happened at Lanzarote. After the workshop on Saturday most of us went to the "Laivmekketreff", a forum for larp organizers discussing different issues that arises when designing, organizing and producing larp. Bringing our perspectives from the workshop was fruitful.

The feedback from the participants tells us that the format really works. Writing together with the opportunity of getting and giving instant feedback is social, inspiring and efficient. It also gave room for interesting discussions about larpscripts and the short format of The Larp Factory. We are all reallylooking forward to the the next workshop on the 22nd and the 23rd of June.

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