Report from the third writing workshop: Strawberries and more finished games!

The third writing workshop for the book took place at Mølleparken on the 22nd and 23rd of June. Again a bunch of happy larp designers gathered to continue the work on turning their larps into playable scripts. The manuscripts are taking form, and we are truly enjoying the process. 

 Again, it was a productive and inspiring two-day workshop. 

 Klassefesten is getting along nicely, even though it requires patience to translate all of those awkward teenage characters. We got work done on Hug Street, a game of alternative economics, the murder mystery End Game and the apocalyptic and claustrophobic Sarkofag. And we are pushing the more lighthearted games A Pair of Tarts, What Happened at Lanzarote and The Hirelings even further towards being finished products.

Even though the weather didn't agree with us, we decided that it is summer and strawberry time.

Last weekend, some of the writers in our project went to a small gathering called PlenCon, where we got the opportunity to play test The Hirelings, which was needed since it has changed a lot from it's original form. We tested it with nine players, and we are truly proud to include it in the book. In addition to using really interesting techniques for both character building and gameplay, it was so much fun!

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