What Happened in Lanzarote

Larpwright: Aslak Tirera
Script writers: Eirik Fatland og Elin Nilsen

What Happened in Lanzarote is a farce about a group of neighbours who go on a charter tour to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The larp is framed by a barbecue party that occurs after the characters have returned home. The character texts describe the characters as they were before departing for Lanzarote. During the larp, we improvise what actually happened at Lanzarote. This is a larp with plenty of intrigue and entanglements, and maybe a bit of depth.

It is exceptionally simple to organize and play.


Duration: 3 hours of which is actual play: 2 hours
Number of participants (min-max): 9-14. Organisers can participate as ordinary players.
Number of organisers: 1-3
Location: A park, terrace, or other place where a barbecue can be held. Alternately: a black box stage or a private home. But NOT a classroom, seminar room, or similar.
Costume: Characters wear everyday clothes. Players should dress for a barbecue party.
Equipment: Rope for outdoor location, tape for indoor location.
Food and drink: Barbecue and beer are appropriate. Players can be asked to bring their own.

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