The Time Traveler's Meeting Place

Larp design by Hans Olai Martinsen and Kaisa Lindahl Lervik
Larpscript by Kaisa Lindahl Lervik

All time and space is relative. There are as many realities as there are particles and ways to move them. Most creatures do not understand this. Most creatures are actually not aware that there are numerous versions of themselves in a myriad number of realities. Well, apart from a few. These few are not just born into one reality. They are born with the ability to travel from place to place, across realities. Since time is just another place, they can also travel in time. They are simply called The Travelers and this is where they meet.

The Time Travelers’ Meeting Place is a short larp featuring a group of time travelers meeting in a bar, chatting and playing poker. It is designed for new larpers, with a low threshold for participation. It also requires a low level of preparation for the organizers.


Genre: Down-to-earth sci-fi
Total time required: 6 hours
Number of players: 5-20 (depending on location)
Number of organizers: 2 (or 1+practical help)
Workload: Easy
Type of location: Any venue that can seem like a bar or meeting place
Playing style: High level of improvisation, realistic, but light

Downloadable material

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