The Great After-Party

Larp design by Erlend Eidsem Hansen and Frida Sofie Jansen
Reconstructed by Frida Sofie Jansen and Elin Nilsen
Larpscript by Elin Nilsen

This is a comedy that plays with the stereotypes of larpers, fantasy larp and post-larp parties. In this larp, the players portray a bunch of excited larpers meeting over a beer just after a classic fantasy larp in the forest. Players will both create the story of the fantasy larp they just finished and play out the consequences it has for relationships at the after-party. Did the princess fall in love with the orc? Why did the general steal the magic feather from the bard, and are they kissing in that corner? The larp belongs to the players, anything can happen, and anything that can happen has already happened in the larp-within-a-larp, Mist over Goblin Peak.


Genre: Comic realism
Length: 3-4 hours
Number of players: 10
Number of organizers: 1
Workload: Easy
Type of location: Anyplace suitable for a party

Downloadable material


  1. Just finished running this at Barney's Beanery in Southern California (Redondo Beach). It was a great location, right on the beach, but everyone was late and we missed the beautiful sunset (oh, well, there will be another one tomorrow).

    Had 12 players, and despite a late start, got going. Everyone had a great time, and cracked up looking at the player and character notes and stuff. It was fun running this with the waitresses coming by every ten minutes to see if we needed more booze (we did!). They screwed up our order, so they comped ALL of our meal (!!??!) We paid a huge tip on our dessert. Still, what a deal.

    The game was meta meta meta, because some of us were playing real people or incidents from the SoCal larp community, so it was biting satire with a nudge-nudge-wink-wink as some of us knew exactly what was being referred to.

    I enjoyed running this because it showed how easy it is to do larps, how you can do them in public, don't need mechanics, can make characters on the spot, etc. Also, I played the main organizer and tried to turn this larp (at 28 players!) into a huge money-making franchise operation! We just need to get to 100 players. The slacker organizer wants to let single women play for free, though, so that's a problem. Anyway, it was great fun, two people showed up in costume, and we all had a great laugh.

    Surprisingly, only two of us, me being one, had actually played a weekend fantasy boffer larp.


  2. Hi everybody!
    I've just ruled this LARP this weekend in Gandía (Valencia, Spain). I had it translated to Spanish so if somebody needed it, you only have to say it.
    I was really funny to play it. We were 22 players and it was great to play a LARP relaxed and having fun of the stereotypes of larpers.
    Thanks for doing such a great proyect in the Larps Factory!
    Best wishes,

  3. We are happy to hear that you had a good time playing the larp, and very excited to hear about the translation. We would love to post it here on the page along with the other material if you send it to us.

    I don't know if you know (it might even be you who made it) but there is a Spanish translation for Fallen Stars as well. Maybe you would like to try it?