Kink & Coffee

By Hanne Grasmo

The setting for the larp Kink & Coffee is an introduction night at your local BDSM club. It is that night of the month when non-members without any experience with BDSM can come to the club and when the regular veterans of the scene do their best to make the newcomers feel welcome. But this is also a night where personalities and ideologies are likely to clash.

Welcome to a larp that takes a closer look at what we mean by terms like “freedom,” “tolerance” and “cultural diversity.” Drama techniques are used to portray sexual scenes and scenes of BDSM, but the game also provides a safe space for players who want to challenge their own limits. Due to the themes of the larp it is recommended to have a minimum age limit of 18 years for participants.

He is down on his knees, as if in prayer. Head bent low, silently sobbing. The punishment in stripes across his back, colored red with Her demands. She raises high above him, hectic red roses blossom on her cheeks, eyes wet, and the rattan tilts threatening in a gloved hand.


-“Will the slave wretch ever flirt with other women again?”
-“I didn’t hear you!”

She pulls his hair and forces his whole torso violently backwards. He blinks back tears, and he blushes, now it is visible for all to see: how weak and squalid he is. And how horny. Suddenly She spits right in his face.
-“No! My Queen, I will never, ever do it again.”


She drags him up by his collar, lifts him close to Her face and asks him to look Her in the eyes, before she softly kisses him.


Number of participants: 12-23 (more characters can be added)
Duration: 4-5 hours
Genre: Sexual political drama
Play style: Realistic
Director style: Organizer(s) may play full characters. The larp is partly directed through three specially instructed characters.
Perfect venue: BDSM club. A bar could do. Minimum 2 rooms.
Number of organizers: 1

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