A Pair of Tarts

A larp by Elin Nilsen, Trine Lise Lindahl and Margrete Vik Gagama
Larpscript by Elin Nilsen and Trine Lise Lindahl

“Does your relationship need spicing up? Do you miss feeling close to your partner? Cooking together gives a shared feeling of achievement, creates closeness and enhances communication. Our master chef will put together a menu to nourish both body and soul, and our therapists will guide you in a natural way, to greater intimacy, in romantic and intimate surroundings.

If you can make it happen in the kitchen, you can make it happen on all of life’s arenas - for as you know; the way to your partner’s heart is through the stomach.

Next week: Drum journey with Kailash”

A Pair of Tarts is a larp about six couples who -- for different reasons -- have signed up for a couples’ therapy cooking class run by a New-Agey company called Sunflower Soulcare. The players portray couples and therapists who cook, dine, and interact.

During a workshop, players flesh out the brief characters. As organizers you will be active both in leading the workshop and in playing the therapists during the larp. The larp is structured in four acts, The Introduction, The Cooking, The Dinner and The Epilogue.

We want a comic-realistic playing style. A Pair of Tarts has a slightly comic premise, but the characters are supposed to be taken seriously and played realistically. This larp is not farce, but as we often say: reality can be hilarious.


Number of players: 8-14
Number of organizers: 2-4 - 1 - 3 therapists and 1 chef
Time: 5-6 hours
Genre: Comic realism
Playing style: Comic realism
Location: Venue with enough space for the players to cook and dine.

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  1. I ran this a few weeks ago; with myself as a last minute addition as a player as we didn't have enough. It still went well, but we needed more people, and definitely have a second GM. Thanks!