Screwing the Crew

By Elin Nilsen and Trine Lise Lindahl

This larp came about from the merging of two ideas: a larp investigating the background of a close-knit social scene, and a larp about dynamics and intrigues in a social circle where open relationships are common.

A is together with B and is making out with C who is in love with D who has an affair with E who rejected F who’s hitting on everybody. A lot of people live like that. Sometimes everybody’s happy, and other times it doesn’t really work out that well. What emotions, conflicts and weird situations may arise in a group of friends with somewhat loose sexual relations crisscrossing the social sphere? And how did it turn out that way?

Screwing the Crew is a short larp in which you can explore questions about monogamy, open relationships and sexual relations in a tight-knit group of friends. You can explore their history and how it has affected the relationships they have today. The characters are around 30 years old, all of them are to some degree bisexual and most of them have known each other for at least ten years.

The larp’s setting is a dinner party held by the most established couple in the group, in a city near you. It is played in a realistic playing style with some meta-techniques to enhance inner thoughts and emotions in the characters and strengthen the focus on the subject of the story. It can be played in a seminar room or in a normal home. We find that a normal home gives a more realistic setting, and thus a better dynamic to the roleplay.


Genre: Humorous realism
Total time use: 6h
Number of players: 7 - 15
Number of organizers: 1
Workload: Medium
Type of location: A home with room for a dinner party.

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