Play with Intent

By Matthijs Holter and Emily Care Boss

Play with Intent was run in The Larp Factory in Oslo in 2012. That game was unlike all other games of PwI, in structure, mood, techniques and atmosphere. It was a unique, ephemeral, one-shot experience, only shared by those who were present. So was the run at Knutepunkt, and the one at HolmCon.

That’s because Play with Intent is not a game, but a way of playing. We call it a framework.

In PwI, you will use different roleplaying techniques as you see fit, selecting and incorporating them along the way, following the flow of the game and your own personal desires. In this way, you will explore something that nobody has experienced before you, and nobody will again.

What does this mean?
It means there is no fixed set of rules. You’ll be trying out different rules, techniques, ways of play as you go along. Maybe, at some point in play, a player says: “I’d like to turn out the lights and play out this scene in total darkness.” Maybe, in a different game, a player says: “Play out that conflict again, but play a different character!” Or someone says: “Lie down on the floor! We’ll be the voices in your head, whispering your madness.”

No rules at all? No structure? Yes, there is some structure: The game gives you Principles, Structure, Techniques and Environment. These are described fully in the online text; in this book, the space is too limited, but here’s a little teaser—the list of principles.

The rules of this game will change, as all participants do things that fit. Follow each other’s lead. Explore the new territory. Feel your way.

Be changed by others. Find out who you are together.


Be attentive!
Stay with it!
Be in it!
Take action!
See the real people!
Sense the spotlight!
No planning!

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