Fallen Stars

Larp design by Vilde Herning, Nils Hiorth, Magnar Grønvik Müller, Martin Nielsen and Linn Eik Pilskog
Larpscript by Martin Nielsen and Magnar Grønvik Müller.

Fallen Stars is a game about old things, once beloved by their owners, but now discarded and no longer cared for. As they languish at a flea market, they dream back to their glory days and hope to find new lives with new owners. They also worry about the uncertain future of those whom buyers will not rescue.


Playing time: 3 hours including workshop. Increase by 5 minutes for every player after the 5th
Players: 5-15
Playing style: Realist within the framework that things can think and talk
Playing area: Preferably a blackbox with a small, dark room close to it.
Equipment required: The things that are being played, simple sound system, computer with Spotify, simple lighting equipment, trolley (optional), lantern


Downloadable material


Hot seat

Guided meditation


Lantern monologue


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