The Association for the advancement of rights for Fairytale Creatures (AFC)

Based on a larp by Nils Andersen, Aina Sogn Husvegg and Fredrik Hatlestrand
Larpscript by Fredrik Hatlestrand

The Association for the Advancement of Rights for Fairytales Creatures (AFC) is an organization for all fairytale creatures, ruled with an iron fist by The Witch/The Evil Stepmother. It was once a democratic organization but since the Witch became chairman, it is democratic in name only. There has been a lot of unhappy members lately, but the chairman has powerful friends. Supported by The Big Bad Wolf she has made allies using shameless favoritism, threats, and every other means she could possibly think of to hold the opposition down. For instance: changing the voting system from secret ballot to show of hands, has made some of the members vote to please the chairman.

It is time for the annual meeting, and this year someone decided to speak up. Is this the year the opposition dares to stand up? For a lot of the characters it is time to take a stand. Should the AFC help and support all of their members, or should the creatures take responsibility for their own lives? As in all organizations there are of course some trivial issues that need to be addressed. But the question remains: What is trivial to you? What battle should you choose to fight? Is it better just to sit back and let it happen?

The main theme of the larp is democracy put in a somewhat absurd setting. Each character is a fairytale creature from a popular story. Every time someone reads a fairytale, the individuals involved act out the story. It’s their job. The difference between their private and professional lives is therefore limited. This leads to somewhat absurd situations in the characters’ everyday lives. Cinderella is also a modern woman in the real modern world. The King is the father of the countless princesses, and every single time someone reads the story of Rapunzel she has to let that prince climb her hair. Every member is employed for life, so most of the characters have something on the agenda.


Genre: Straight faced comedy
Time use: 4h
Number of players: 15 - 20
Number of organizers: 1-2
Workload: Easy
Type of location: Boring meeting room

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