Oh dear! We seem to have run out of time.

A larp by Jean-Philippe André Caquet and Tore Svanemsli
Larpscript by Jean-Philippe André Caquet and Tore Svanemsli and Jørn Slemdal

Photo: Thomas Fuglseth

Once upon a time in the future, mankind has finally mastered the art of time travel. A new era of peace, love, harmony and glory to mankind has... unfortunately not arrived, as the world is about to end.

This larp consists of a meeting in the Royal Society of TimeTravelling Ladies And Gentlemen (RSOTTLAG) that will discern which members are behind the paradox that has doomed the universe. The twist is that, of course, ALL of the time-travellers are responsible for some paradox or another. But which one is relevant?

The clock is ticking…


Genre: Humoristic science-fiction
Total time use: Exactly 3 hours of game time, plus time for preparation of the venue.
Number of players: 10+
Number of organizers: 2
Workload: Medium
Type of location: Meeting space of any kind

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  1. We ran this larp at Consequences in the UK, and had a great time – thank you!

    If anyone's interested, we put together a little player-facing website explaining the larp and how it worked, and gathering together the players' character concepts etc. Anyone else who's planning to run Oh dear!… is welcome to use any of this material.

  2. Hmm, but the link seems to have been cut out of my comment. Let's try that again: