A Mother's Heart

By Christina Christensen & Eirik Fatland
A Mother’s Heart is a Kafkaesque drama about a court's questioning and prosecuting of mothers about their sub-par parenting skills. This larp takes place in a courtroom setting with prosecutors, defendants and an unlimited number of people acting as witnesses. A participating audience --the peanut gallery-- is also present, making the larp a good introduction for non-larpers/spectators. This is a larp which questions our societal systems, social interactions and the consequences of expressing random judgements.
“You´re all alone and nobody told you why you´re even there. A table divides you. The only thing you know is that you´re on the wrong side of it. Or if you´re behind the table, safe and sound, then you know you´re RIGHT.

Everyone has an opinion about what a good mother is.
In this court everybody is entitled to an opinion., except for the mother.”


Genre: Absurd realism.
Duration: 3 hours
of which is actual play: 2 hours
Number of participants (min-max): 15- unlimited. Organisers can participate as ordinary players.
Number of organisers: 1-2
Workload: Medium
Possible Locations: Black box, gallery, classroom, conference room.
Costume: Characters wear everyday clothes.
Equipment: Tables, chairs, a podium or a stand for the Defendant.
Playing style: Realistic, but with plenty of improvisation.
Food and drink: Water

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